Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vulcan Mind Meld (RIP Spock) 22115

In the petite mind
The artistic interpretation sparked the imagination
Voyages to unseen destinations
With a team of diverse and like minded bravest
The frontiers never final
Although changes
Would occur on my time stream
The universe you added to 
Created a search for my truth
The oneness of the cosmos
The logically dues
Paid in dividends so true
It may be make believe
But the fiction almost always turns reality
Infinite diversity
Infinite possibilities
Infinite combinations
Peace and love to all nations
All sparked from one man's art beamed to a brain
So today I say safe travels
Rest In Peace 
One last trek
Warp factor 1

Are You Existing In Fiction??

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Cosmic Intelligence- Spectacular Poetry Integrated Cosmic 1715

The poems permeate
The existence frustrates
A lonely astral plain
Littered with physic power plays
The power plays the keys
Infinite the legacy
A leg I see
The constellation directing believes
What most can't conceive
Perfect secret prose
Unbreakable foes
Fueled by gravitational force
Gammas and alphas
Frequencies rapture
The handle disaster
So manufacture
Satellites for banter
Geospatial intellect
Connected with regrets
Bestowed by defects
In clay molded with respect
A telling story
Millenia unfolding
The time space holding
Definitions unknowing
A fraction of your brain maintains
Breaths ways beholding
The gods emerge
Slow moving like gigantic icebergs
Glaciers swerve
Words stitched to your psyche
Unsightly nerve
The decision is yours
So bypass automatic
The silence with static
The space with graphics
8 bit
8 bit the Eclipse
So the vision is the ish
Spiritual equipped
With transcripts of clips
Of a blip
By foreign smith's
Forging rifts
In the tapestry of myths
Penned by the wits
Of Alien gifts
Santa Clause
The Santa cause
Brawls in universes malls
The galaxies black
The dimensions match
So light the match
Illuminate the scraps
Of stacks of maps
Continuously increasing readable
Signs and symbols
The Sim bulls
To manipulate the fools
Jesters in letters
Gestures in leathers
Decipher the movements
To do better
Bach and Mozart
Mathematical messages
To start
Journeys of the mind dart
To the target
No commerce
Just verse to mark
The goals heart
Circulate the spark
Of technoganic art
Composed of half man
Half machine
Clean lines
Dirty screens
A beauty scene
A beauty dream

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Reemergence 1115

The reemergence
Clean like detergent
Better than before
Walking explore
Floors of roar
While clones try to talk past
But the knack to deflect that
Increase positive habitat
The time is now
So stay fluid
Water world with new ish
Chants like druid
Bass kicks on Stonehenge proving
The beat eternal
Freestyle on snake mounds circle
Fly the steps of  teotihuacan 
Transform like vehicons 
Into organic 
The net can't stand it
Flesh and blood
The air the drug
The lung stung tongues
When spit properly done
All sheep shun
Then the dogs run
New patterns
Filling the sum
With ancient contemporary funds
Of knowledge
You won't find in no college
The curriculum problem solving
Insight evolving
The data sets sprawling
The psyches really on wax
Predictions on how you act
All done from tech in the lap
Buy my camisa
Our words sell don't hurt either
So if you follow a leader
You better be a believer
Cause when the path lead to destruction
They push you in deeper
So don't fall for everything
Every thing in your circle 
Should be true to your very being

Saturday, January 31, 2015

F To The Third Power 13115

Sometimes it takes f's if you wanna clean the mess
f's to gain answers to the test
Even the best fall victim to the F's
Still giving no F's
First hit the revenues
Avenues with cake
Burnt at the stake
Digital vaults disintegrate
Even the Caymans no safe haven
So no food on the plates
No Fetti for the dates
No cream in takes
So carrots get dangled
Hit with angles
Of plushness great
The m in the mice
Sounds so nice
Dom on ice
Ahh the good life
Sometimes not the entice
So the node examined closely
Who close to thee
Who knows he
Let the mice roam free
The back turned remotely
A castle with a mote see
Island solitude
The arms won't reach altitude
The interconnectedness of net ish
Reduced to net ish
So what to doo doo?
Reduced the voodoo
With pristine contributions to
The alphabet 6 position rule
Schools schooled emcees
In finance and friends
The fam is there till the end
day in day out the heart mends
The harshness
So when moves are made in darkness
To sway starkest
Don't start ish
Just fall back the smartest
If it got to that level you must of had a moment of heartless
So when the mic gets rocked
Just do the track as promised

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mindful Pen Strokes 12515

Be mindful in the moment
Feeling so potent
The negative subside
The peace to important
Wash the dishes
To wash the dishes
Watch the pigeons
To watch the pigeons
The now never a hindrance
Smile to the pain
Giving deliverance
Understand the significance
The suffer is truth
The stoppage is too
So know the path
8 folds
Make the paper whole
So continue to grow
Continue to show
Love to the foe
Peace to your bro
Know everything temporary
Can be scary
Embrace the feeling legendary
Teachers of paths
Understand the math
Pain don't last
Situations not permanent
Eat a piece at time
The mind refined
When focused on the line
Currently occupying your vine
So be well
Set sail
On journeys of free will
Don't stress the past
Or anxious bout future tasks
Easy to say
Hard to practice
So stay practiced
One drop in an ocean
Can get the door wide open
Walk through with visions of a guru
You do what you do
The world will be one step closer to
Peace, love, wisdom and right view