Sunday, September 4, 2016

9416 Time Cop

Stuck in loops infinite
Used to have holey jeans getting it
Now wholly holey flipping it
Pain to gain
Frustration to manifestation
Space station cadence 
Flagrantly Famous
In a land of 1's and 0's no need to explain it
I'm just maxing and relaxing making it
Day to day 
The time is now
Plow the cyber
Reap the fire
Of motivation, no wires
Living till I expire
No date yet
Still no date yet
The chickens couldn't take it
Too much glow 
Too much show
Not enough tangible assets I suppose
The life of an artist
From the brightest to the darkest 
The pain is deep
And the victory so sweet!
Que up, play, repeat
No sleep
The demands of the timeline aiming for your defeat
So sweep and delete
Keeping the hate beneath your great feats
Great with the feet
Getting off the X when pressure gets deep
The war master over battle grounds that are steep
Winning and losing
Retiring and recruiting
An endless cycle
No refuting

Sunday, August 7, 2016

63016 Human Chess-Stand Up

When stressed
You gotta stand up
When pressed
You gotta stand up
When no rest
You gotta stand up
Stand up
Stand up

Life's a battle
You gonna get rattled
By forces bilateral
Or unilateral
Collateral damaged
By herded cattle
Branded with scandal
So when in life's octo
Be doctor Octo
Many arms and intelligence and thoughtful
Mad scientist when forging alliances
Compromises disguised as being in compliance
When really catching a breath so I superman punch the livest
Dividing your guidance
Your corner can't comprehend the stragagem of violence
Jabs of verbage
Hooks with hooks disturbing
Suburban and hoods crawling with vermin
Hear the sermon
Feel the burning
From lyrical armbars snapping bones your so hurting
Made the weight
Made my fate
You double tapped
Now i'm the king of the page

8616 Shingon

Got that menudo
These men do though
Although the shell gets distorted
One form thought as the order
Reporters passing Intel distorted
Your spaceship is this
Your voice sound like that
Left to only have one hat
But reality wear all hats
Diversity infinite
Small minds ain't getting it
The infinite combinations legitimate
So stop bitching kid
Stolen living
The green grass hidden
Spaceman abducting your women
Blame games reflecting the same
You should be ashamed
And refrain from playing that game
Deep down you know truth
It feels like a pain in the tooth
So Ill just keeping spitting from the booth
You do what you do
Soon you'll adjust your attitude
As the timeline progresses
We get better at cleaning our messes
Better at using discretion
In the end the mind is the weapon
Teaching us all the lessons

Monday, July 11, 2016


My new experimental spoken word album Ronin now available at bandcamp

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

53016 H.C.D. (Humidity Causes Drama)

The pressure pushing 
Rooted in challenges instituted 
By outsiders doing
So harness the calm
Sing a song
Your problems gone
Outta here
The credo
Peace to all people
So past your tests
Invest in less stress 
In vests of less stress
Protection from spiritual bullets
Spear rich you'll do it
Like just Nike's 
Rocking rusted mics
Condenser or dynamic
Duo's deaden panic
Black capes
Closed drapes
Mixing what I create
Mixed in my thoughts fate
Constructs like the corp
Watch us soar
Like Apollo in 69
Moon dust so fine
Fueling the timeline
Smelling fresh pine
On the UP's borderline
Throwing my fishing line
Fresh caught walleye
The walls have eyes 
Spies disguised as ex-wives
The alimony check checks to see if your still alive 
So run and hide
Stay inside 
There is too much drama outside 

Friday, March 25, 2016

32416 Kami Artistry

Opposition in position
Sending you disses
Treat em like your washing dishes
Clean the filth
Focused on the real
Moment in time you cannot steal
Its yours
Opening and closing doors
Rooms and brooms
Sleep and tombs
Awaken in cocoons
Self imposed
Hidden in clothes
2 bills on the toes
Could of invested if we chose
But we like the necks and wrists froze
Wasted commerce?
Only for you to decide
Your truth resides inside
So ride or die
Fly and be fly
Every gal and guy
Seeing with the eye
The thoughts collide with the My
Me,U and I
Try to fight the lie
But the strength of deceit is a hell of a high
Calling you to its hive
Where the collectives f with your mind
So dine on sublime
vines of divine signs straight from mankind

Friday, January 1, 2016

123115 Lime Green Lambo

Move with smoothness
Your cool, no need to prove this
You do this
Opinions from outside are intruders
Trying to rob your peace
No need for a piece
The mind is all you need
Concealed mental carry
The hate gets unburied
Face it, less scary
Taking in all the emotions
The weapon is some potent
So keep soaring
Woven into the moment
Of beauty
It's your duty
To live fruitfully
However you find it
Remember what you give is what you get
Respect the client
Your value is not your check
Resurrect the intelligence we forget
Time to find the divine
The breath of the universe deep inside
So any situation, you'll be fine
At ease
Composure you must seize
Protecting your #1 asset
That's good health, dodging disease
So please embrace the accents
Variety is no accident
Every color in the crayon box
A key to the plan's locks
So stock crops and shots
That accentuate the plots
And story lines non stop
A universe of infinite diversity
Infinite combinations
The logic not evasive
No need for containment
Let it be free no arrangements