Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mindful Pen Strokes 12515

Be mindful in the moment
Feeling so potent
The negative subside
The peace to important
Wash the dishes
To wash the dishes
Watch the pigeons
To watch the pigeons
The now never a hindrance
Smile to the pain
Giving deliverance
Understand the significance
The suffer is truth
The stoppage is too
So know the path
8 folds
Make the paper whole
So continue to grow
Continue to show
Love to the foe
Peace to your bro
Know everything temporary
Can be scary
Embrace the feeling legendary
Teachers of paths
Understand the math
Pain don't last
Situations not permanent
Eat a piece at time
The mind refined
When focused on the line
Currently occupying your vine
So be well
Set sail
On journeys of free will
Don't stress the past
Or anxious bout future tasks
Easy to say
Hard to practice
So stay practiced
One drop in an ocean
Can get the door wide open
Walk through with visions of a guru
You do what you do
The world will be one step closer to
Peace, love, wisdom and right view

Monday, January 19, 2015


Go Deep In The Cosmos with my latest album release.

Sunday, January 18, 2015



I seen a ghost in the dark
A mark in the park
The past chasing
The future replacing
The souls for complaining
The vocals harsh
The love darts
Out your grasp
Keeping the foes at large
The bros that hard?
Snatching cards
Reprogramming jars
Then send the photo
Enshrined in proto plasma
Sliming the mansion
With juices of madam
Paid for the action
Your queen can't manage
Ravaged by the Temps of flesh
The scent of relaxing
Perceived to be the damage
That feels so good
The price not understood
Losses compound
Force multiplier
Now the lyer a liar
Straight on fire
Everything built
Vanished in an instance
Because the wire
Caught wind of the sire
Throne broke
Commerce a joke
Down in the gutter straight yoked
This is your brain unplugged
Get the picture

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sideways 8 1415

The clock still ticking
Another cycle lived in
The question still remains
What's the mission
Searching for truth in the booth
Words the outlet of the dude
On the path of solitude
Peace in places
Will silence grace us too
Tasteless makers chasing bad attitudes
The deceptive receptive moods
Embracing the cool
Playing roles to attain corrupted goals
The back turned to them immature pros
Chasing the poles on globes
Sitting atop a digital throne
Thrown in digital poems
Touching the universe
With eyes closed strolls
Breaths are infinite
Want a download?
I believe it is wise
To analyze lies
Flip em
Gain handle fly eyes
Seeing perspectives
In all directions
Once thought protection paramount
Now the pair amount to 360 degrees of airing out
All cares about certainty to the smallest doubt
A pebble of hate can smash down a gate
An ocean of love can become a failed state
So all matters require equal chase
Address them
Caress them
Know the lesson
Apply the method
Then see the picture corrected
For any bias projected
By a psyche infected
With slants of can't obsession
Sew the new weapon