Friday, October 2, 2015


If you are reading this I want to inform you that THE TIME IS NOW. No matter what your watch, phone, or your clock says it is still now. So NOW is the time to DO. DO what you like. DO what you love. DO what you feel. NOW is all we have. No regrets. No what-ifs. WORK to reach your DREAMS. LEARN to master your craft. BE better than your past self. Strive to perfect your sphere. - CQ

Sunday, August 16, 2015

81615 Masks

We all wear masks
In different tasks
Twisted or gifted
Sauced and splintered
Crime fighting literature
Rocking mics sinister
9 to 5 getting blisters
Masquerades throwing shade
Shattering brigades
With games we play
So who's the real
The cat with the feels
Or cold hearted deals
When alone we reveal
The cold steel
Truth peeled
Like layers
Cakes to the takes
Of life's great
Cinematographic chase
4k detailed
Read your face
Obiviuosly fake
Its said were the truest when close to death
So did the joker know men best
a theory I don't want to test
Instead I'll just rock cowls and black latex

Saturday, July 11, 2015



Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hunted 7516

Death at your door step
Do you walk
Or eliminate the threat
Think what ya like
Only seconds to decide
So you move elegant
Dodging the killer grip
Then run like the villain is
Fast like bolt
Volts fueling your revolt
Flowing through alleys of cobblestone
Drop the contra
Continue down the monster
We call life
Will it be alright
Just keep moving till the end is out of sight
Foggy feeling soggy
The Hum mid
So intelligently calling
So stop the clawing
At hope the cold will start thawing
Meanwhile dodging salty
Entities mauling
All in the way of solving
The breath flow
So go even though low on petrol
Is this death row
Don't care
Don't know
Still racing on air
Lunar with the zoomer
Blocks like a toy chest
Still no rest
The beat bumping the chest
The rhythm straight progress
Light beams illuminate the stress
Evading the test
Of shadows with zest
Wanna clean wet
With foreign intent
Bets cast
How long will this vet last
Every zone in the scope
Every dog tied with rope
The only variable hope

Thursday, June 4, 2015

42615 Temporal Clocks

See the future
Change the past
At last sip peace out the flask
Energy amassed
Amps banging the maps
Collapsing the wack
Emcees desecrating the craft
So travel back
Temporal raps
Straight from The Cap
Lyrics of
A dude lost to time
So still rhyme
Still shine
Like diamonds directly from the mine
My mind inclined to erect spines like pines
That grow generational
Lacing ya
With occasional sensational
Words of occupational
Forces deep in your computational
Slab of plastic amazing you
So you bit the apple
And the brain improved
Now The Captain saving you
From the axis playing you
Like chess pieces
The chest freezes
When in zones of thought polices
The living Jesus cease this
Peace mend the meekest
Believe this
Like gravity bends your seeing ish
Light intakes
Now the face looks great
Reflection provides protection
F what you ate
Peace and love
Straight from
The meditation state

42115 Meda Moon Breath

The rage flows through the stream
Change the face to mean
Rocking green
Blend with the scene
The elements beamed in the dream
Every pen stroke divine
A peasant with a kings mind
Grandmaster like Caz
Never spaz
Always command plans
With green hands
God dams
So embrace it
Then create ish
Beyond basic
Don't say shit
If it's complaining
Construct entertainment
Through crazy arrangements
The psyche on some space ish
Reality is boring
So fiction got me soaring
Temporal officer conforming
Time lines chosen
Outcomes enormous
Zero point showing
Ways of controlling
Paradoxes woven
Into the tapestry sold in
Dieties omens
Stolen Chakra
Cock the
Got ya
Amazing operas
Not for imposters
Playing doctors
Thinking they own the locker
Of tools that can shock ya
Electrical monster
Silence violence
Conforming the lot of
Sheep dreaming

Monday, June 1, 2015

Borg Cube

You will be assimilated

Weaponized psychosis ferocious
Aiming at these roaches
Spitting atrocious
I'm silently approaching
Wet work verses
Poaching the clones boasting
Bout skills they owning
So I reposes
Like Borg drone collectiveness
Destroy your world and collect your tech
Like battles in the Bronx projects
Where the winner took your system
After winning a contest
The cons test your security checks
No authentication
So failures next
Hot last decade
Now no one checks for the shit you made
I'll give a couple spins
Have a lemonade
Paid plays below minimum wage
The real will pen the page anyway
For the love of the art
For the love of the dart
Spit over break beats after dark
Remember 4 tracks on the second floor sparked
The presently positioned product playing on your arc
Guiding you in floods of malark-Key
Was with me
Building philosophies that currently get spun in countries beyond my periphery