Sunday, December 14, 2014


Today I talk #StarTrek 3 #BringInRiker 

Elementary Math (Addition) 121214

You got a problem?
Practice Addition
One World
One Mind
That's the ticket

You got a problem? 
Practice Addition
One World
One Mind 
That's The Ticket

The world is made of groups
Only solid when we all move
And fix the ding in armor
Calculation soothes
Enemies not your enemy
Make em friendly
Your path padded with obstacles 
Meditate powerful
Covert methodology
Transform the sourful
Don't be doubtful
Stay the course 
Feelings evoked
To try to sway determination
Even a nation can practice meditation
Light the shadows
Execute the craving
Motivations find them
Realize them
Breath take a pause
So master math
Add to your strength
Subtract your weakness
Divide your stresses
Multiply your chance
 For a great mind better than tanks
Ill take one dream to a hundred wrongs
Death becomes not long
When your team strong
Keep the cipher closed
Mics on
Flows done
Ready to wreck a track
Every thing is love
Remember that
Be divine with the rap track
Share your harmony
Forever stacked
Wax gets to scratching
Pay for beats smashing
Pizza woofers
Tweeters high like smokers
Lyrical monster
Restored with order
To elevate
Flows resonate 
Wisdom forever make
Got a date
Explore the fate
Listen deeply cosmic fate
And shapes
Sideways 8
Embracing the state
Of being in the instance
Capitalize in a minute
Peace like evolves
Now you did it
One with the universe
Now everybody in the same seat


My pain runs deep
I can feel it in my sleep
I can feel on my feet
I dodge it with my sleek
Mental apperations over the beat
Every word a treat
I never retreat
The battles endless
Leaving me friendless
So I work the grind relentless
Constant production
Chasing dreams of tremendous
Obstacles in the trenches
Every door closed
Blacklisted cause of past scores
Keeping me out
Casting doubts
Peer into the scene
And seen seams of teams
Living the thing
Most can't grasp
Meditate and ask the universe
How long will it last
The reply is impermanence
The cycle burned in us
A dude questioned my faith
Think my beliefs have no worthiness
Thats the many over the one
But I won over the many
Sat still and breathed in the empty
Spaces and places
One with the universe
No one taking my penny
For thoughts a plenty
Ponder possible poverty
Thats material
The cosmos supplies the weaponry
To battle negative energy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Return Of The Indestructible Atomsmasher (Beef Aint Over) 52514

Robotic outlaws
Searching for your power draws
Cybernetic implants
Disguising your drawl
Lost in space
But thats not all
Tracking 4 heads
Displacing lead
Infusing dread
Fear overcome
Laser cuffs
Drawn on scruff
Bearded love
Digitized not enough
Flesh distress
Censors best your duress
Pleasantly undressed
Pressed for credits
Digest nano nutrients
Nucleus microchip fluid
Taming your atoms
Space cruise ship
Its a dark matter
So silence the laughter
Android automaton
Now your master
Directing the ladder
Fall faster
Gravimetric anti matter
Remove timelines chapters
Laser beam teams wormhole crafters
Molding actors
Cyborgs and living factors
The equation astronomical
Infinite diabolical
Not logical
Numerals affecting
The psychological

Really? 100414

Has your soul been sucked?
Says the dude stuck
Bowing to masters
Fat bastards
Try to convert faster
All eyes on me
And you
What to do
Rap circles
Stay true
Flashing the F U
To hate monsters saying your through
Sweated immensely
Still peace heavenly
The Devils testing me
So what
Pain is temporary
Bathe in forever love
Grubbed, drugged
The tracks bugged
Still Flourish in the mud
Dirty and scrubbed
Soaked in the tub
Of wisdom suds
Watch the corners
Became an owner
The souls the brand
Try to copy but you can't
No xerox
Laying down the candle wax
Vicious with the stamps
Authentic deading vamps
Twilight l.e.d. lamps
Illuminating the stamps
Of realness
Feel this
When the pressures on
Practice stillness
Meditate daily
Universe provides safety
Control the mic stately
Obama flow
Let's be clear
Mental abominable
Yettie Confetti
Conquer impossible
Missions of a hospital
Curing the wicked
No Oz
Just mobs of psalms
Street disciple kinetic thoughts
Penetrating with songs
Repetitive downloads
Every move drawn out
The long game
So don't drown
Sleep with a clown
The laughter the crown
Stay with the crowd
But still stick out
The drama beneath us
Ride the tapestry
No secrets
Truest to the deepest
Covers and lovers
Victoria's secret
Painted faces make you believe it
Gestures make you keep it
The mirror the leakage
When in the Forest
Eat the cheapest
Allies limited
Adversaries missing with
Bad looks
Read bad books
Not bad meaning bad
But bad meaning good

The Faces Of Places 11514

What's the real face?
The one outside
Or at your place
Batman not the fake
We all where masks
To accomplish tasks
I seen yours
Perceive mine
Laser beam to your eye
One day it's all lie
Blocks, Blocks and more blocks
The mic stay cocked
The humidity so hot
ICE cool em
Schooled em
Then fooled em
The tools in The trade
Surf the wave
To escape a slave
Moved up the chain
Tap dancing on the grave
Made to be paid
With karma
Read the dharma
Sorry to alarm ya
But the universe is a quick responder
Take my ladder
The obstacle grows taller
Every instance a brawler
Release yourself and grow fonder
Of the here and now
And the yonder
Ageless like Jane Fonda
On golden ponds
Peter became the monster
But righteous
The data priceless
Nobody but likes this
But loves the likeness
The shell the hypest
Indigenous Christ US
So do you follow
Or swallow
If the words are hollow
Ween till tomorrow
Left behind
But it was JLO refined
Binded and bought
Digitized your thoughts
Sought for the jewels of naught