Friday, January 1, 2016

123115 Lime Green Lambo

Move with smoothness
Your cool, no need to prove this
You do this
Opinions from outside are intruders
Trying to rob your peace
No need for a piece
The mind is all you need
Concealed mental carry
The hate gets unburied
Face it, less scary
Taking in all the emotions
The weapon is some potent
So keep soaring
Woven into the moment
Of beauty
It's your duty
To live fruitfully
However you find it
Remember what you give is what you get
Respect the client
Your value is not your check
Resurrect the intelligence we forget
Time to find the divine
The breath of the universe deep inside
So any situation, you'll be fine
At ease
Composure you must cease
Protecting your #1 asset
That's good health, dodging disease
So please embrace the accents
Variety is no accident
Every color in the crayon box
A key to the plan's locks
So stock crops and shots
That accentuate the plots
And story lines non stop
A universe of infinite diversity
Infinite combinations
The logic not evasive
No need for containment
Let it be free no arrangements

Friday, December 11, 2015

121115 Kinetic Thought

Words to the page 
Capture the rage
Of a population thought as slaves
Misbehave then get slayed
So think whatcha ya like 
and act right
The powers that be have no sight
An endless fight
Figure eight with the fate
Infinite with the cape
So buck a micro expression aggressive 
The sideways talk expensive
Good now but the lending is getting
The debted detention
In a pool of lessons
So in decline hope you were fair and kind
Cause the wolves love to dine
Hypocritical righteousness
The fake disintegrate spiting shit
So bathe in hate
Preach real late
Its all the same
The games been played
From the big bang to today
Be courageous everyday
The pack my be large but true game remains 
That is be true to yourself regardless of hell
Regardless of wealth
So if you have to give a yell
Then say 
I'm the best
No stress will ever halt my progress
No test will ever best my gauntlets
No weakness. cause I'm the strongest
Me I can be
One mind, One body, One divinity
From the beginning of time 
to infinity,
To infinity 

Are You Existing In Fiction??

Friday, November 27, 2015



Sunday, October 25, 2015

Moldovan Wine

Rookie mistakes
So now the Miss takes
Lakes and cottages
Hostages pocketed
Later robbing kids
The game plan so obvious
Same faces same places
The game pace is complacent
Vacant taken
Then transformed to greatness
Without the seed for making it
So the pain is the pilot
The come up the appliance
For molding decisive
A temple in quiet
A simple alliance
Complexity defiance
Middle appendages
Sending his offensiveness
In a den of pretending skins
Playing like percentages of casino wins
Cuz sees no wins
So refuse the game
Refuse the fame
Deceivers in your face
Limit your phrase
Listen brave
Then recycle the wave
To tame the lame
It's such a shame
Crewed up and still lacking the same
So just max and stay in your lane
Your focal your local
Concentration like a meditating brain
A met taking dame
Still didn't sway from the way

Friday, October 2, 2015


If you are reading this I want to inform you that THE TIME IS NOW. No matter what your watch, phone, or your clock says it is still now. So NOW is the time to DO. DO what you like. DO what you love. DO what you feel. NOW is all we have. No regrets. No what-ifs. WORK to reach your DREAMS. LEARN to master your craft. BE better than your past self. Strive to perfect your sphere. - CQ

Sunday, August 16, 2015

81615 Masks

We all wear masks
In different tasks
Twisted or gifted
Sauced and splintered
Crime fighting literature
Rocking mics sinister
9 to 5 getting blisters
Masquerades throwing shade
Shattering brigades
With games we play
So who's the real
The cat with the feels
Or cold hearted deals
When alone we reveal
The cold steel
Truth peeled
Like layers
Cakes to the takes
Of life's great
Cinematographic chase
4k detailed
Read your face
Obiviuosly fake
Its said were the truest when close to death
So did the joker know men best
a theory I don't want to test
Instead I'll just rock cowls and black latex